• EUMER SpinTube Arctic 8g green/olive/white
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EUMER SpinTube Arctic 8g green/olive/white

  • Mudel: 155470
  • EAN:  6430037105470
  • Laoseis: 1
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‘Spintube ARCTIC’ is an effective choice for trout, rainbow trout, salmon and perch. It is well suited to still water and also works equally well in the fastest rapids. Natural hair is used to construct the ‘ARCTIC’ and it is easy casting and fast sinking. It reaches the taking spots and lies easily. With ‘SpinTube ARCTIC’ you can fish by retrieving directly or by reeling in with jig style. When a fish takes a ‘SpinTube’ the tube will slide on the line and the hook alone will remain in the mouth of the fish hence the fish is played on a hook only and the’ SpinTube’ stays undamaged. If fished near the bottom and using a single or double hook, you can to avoid snagging on the bottom by simply turn the hook up.

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