• EUMER SpinTube Natural 10g white barred
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EUMER SpinTube Natural 10g white barred

  • Mudel: 154700
  • EAN:  6430037104701
  • Laoseis: 1
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  • E-poe hind: 6.18€

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’SpinTube NATURAL’ is a newly launched product for Trout, Perch and Zander/ Pike-Perch fishing. ’SpinTube NATURAL’ is named after the natural colours used in its construction. ‘SpinTube NATURAL’ is particularly suitable for still and fast water fishing. In fast waters, you can fish it near the bottom matching the motion of a sunk fly. In still waters, it can be fished with a jig fishing technique. When using NATURAL, the hook is turned pointing upwards and thus snagging the bottom can be avoided. NATURAL is sinking, lead free design, the weight is achieved by using a brass body. The handmade NATURAL is finished with 3D eyes giving the product even a more natural look.

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