• EUMER SpinTube Pike fast sink 45g black / orange / yellow
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EUMER SpinTube Pike fast sink 45g black / orange / yellow

  • Mudel: 153200
  • EAN:  6430037103209
  • Laoseis: 1
  • Kaupluse hind: 14.90€
  • E-poe hind: 13.41€

Experience the new ‘SpinTube Pike’. Slow or fast sinking and easy casting ‘Spintube PIKE’ is irresistible for pike, musky and tarpon. Natural hair makes the ‘SpinTube PIKE’ lifelike and it is easy to fish it fast or slow. There is no wrong way to fish it. Fishing it slow works well when the fish are off the take and the water is cold. The lure is a must for low and weedy pike waters and it can be used at any time of the year. ‘SpinTube PIKE’ can be retrieved directly or by giving extra movement with the tip of the rod or by changing and varying the retrieval speed. ‘SpinTube PIKE’ is fished with a steel leader. When a fish takes a ‘SpinTube’ the tube will slide on the line/leader and the hook alone will remain in the mouth of the fish hence the fish is played on a hook only and the ‘Spintube’ stays undamaged. We have developed ‘SpinTube Pike’ its own steel wire leader: the ‘PREDATOR WIRE 6/0’.

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