• Mikado  Fishunter Goliat 22cm 2pcs. colour: 23
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Mikado Fishunter Goliat 22cm 2pcs. colour: 23

  • Mudel: PMFHL22-23
  • EAN:  5900637376927
  • Laoseis: 2
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How many times hunting for pike has been unsuccessful?

Every time you put your lure into the water, you hope to have the biting of your lifetime.

Anglers fishing on smaller lures statistically reduce their chance to meet the fish of their lifetime and there is a very simple reason for it.

Before our lure goes under the mouth of a real “mommy”, it can be snatched out much earlier by a kiddy.

Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule, but is it worth leaving such a great and powerful fish to chance? No!

It’s time to increase the calibre and go after the real monsters! The well-known Fishunter has grown to the size of Goliath.

Goliat Fishunter can be described literally in a few words, TIME FOR A METRE-LONG FISH!

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