• Rapala Husky Magnum Slick 14cm/36g HMAG15 SLK
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Rapala Husky Magnum Slick 14cm/36g HMAG15 SLK

  • Mudel: HMAG15SLK
  • EAN:  0022677260990
  • Laoseis: 5
  • Kaupluse hind: 13.90€
  • E-poe hind: 12.48€

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Ujumissügavus/Running Depth: 4.5m

Pikkus/Body Lenght: 14cm

Kaal/Weight: 36g

Konksud/Hooks: 2x No 2/0

A precision tool for fast trolling and battling big predators. Husky Magnum® is built tough and designed to swim at a pre-determined depth and run straight at up to 12 knots. It features a tight, strong rolling action that is emphasized with a loud internal rattle. Internal translucent rainbow foil and scale pattern create a natural, life-like appearance.

How to Fish:

Husky Magnum® will swim at a predetermined depth when trolled. The number in the name of the lure indicates the running depth when trolled with 30 meters if line out.

If you want to use the Husky Magnum® in shallow water, let the lure run with less line to adjust the running depth. Using thicker line that has more resistance in the water also reduces the running depth.


Designed for Fast Trolling

Precision Trolling Depth 15 Feet

Runs Straight Up to 12 Knots

Tight Swimming Action

Loud Rattle

Internal Pearlescent Foil and Natural Scale Pattern

Natural Translucent Design

Heavy-Duty Construction

Strong VMC® Perma Steel® Hooks

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