• Storm SX-SOFT Bloop Frog 25 Brown Leopard 70mm/20g
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Storm SX-SOFT Bloop Frog 25 Brown Leopard 70mm/20g

  • Mudel: SXB25310
  • EAN:  0039984169793
  • Laoseis: 4
  • Kaupluse hind: 8.90€
  • E-poe hind: 7.86€

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Built specifically to fish the toughest cover, Storm's SX-Soft Bloop Frog soars into snaggy spots and pops its way into the mouth of a big, hungry fish. It can be fished straight like a frog crossing a lake; walked side-to-side; or blooped agressively for maximum splash.

Trailing legs add additional attraction.

Comes rigged with VMC double hook.

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