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Mikado Specialized King River 3.05m 8-30g

  • Mudel: WAA490-305
  • EAN:  5900637274582
  • Laoseis: 1
  • Kaupluse hind: 89.00€
  • E-poe hind: 52.39€

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River fishing has it’s own rules. In order to be successful in hard conditions you need the right tools. You can’t have too much tackle on you if you’re going to be walking along the bank for hours on end. Specialized King River spin fishing rods were designed to meet the expectations of river fishing enthusiasts. No matter if you’re fishing for summer asp or fall zander, this rod will be just right. The lengths and casting weights are typical for river fishing and guarantee comfort. High-quality components ensure a secure haul. The King River line should be the go-to for anyone who lover river spin fishing.

Code WAA490-305

Length (cm) 305

Min. C.W. (g) 8

Max. C.W. (g) 30

Weight (g) 231

Sections (pcs) 2

Transport length(cm) 154

Tip Tube

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