• Shimano Aernos 1000 FB
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Shimano Aernos 1000 FB

  • Mudel: ARNS1000FB
  • EAN:  0022255188562
  • Laoseis: 1
  • Kaupluse hind: 119.00€
  • E-poe hind: 95.64€

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Laagrid: 5+1

Ülekanne: 5,2:1

Kaal: 210g

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Kaasas varupool

Every angler wishes for a fishing reel that is lightweight but incredibly durable and affordable. Shimano has created the ideal reel featuring their own state of the art materials. Their new Aernos line was created to be superior to their predecessors which is saying a lot since Shimano has always been one of the leaders in quality. The new Shimano material is touted as being an incredible 200 percent more durable than the regular graphite of most reel models.In addition to being durable it also adds an exceptional light weight that is hard to match. While Shimano may have been focusing on creating a light weight durable body they didn’t skimp on the other features. The Aernos 1000 reel also includes DC die-cast gearing, stainless steel shielded bearings, a machined aluminum handle, Varispeed II and an AR-C spool with a built in lip feature to keep your line neat.Shimano even took into consideration the ease of changing out lines. Perhaps you need to switch to mono, or your current line has simply seen better days, Shimano has you covered. With each of the Aernos reels Shimano have included a spare spool so that you can quickly change out your line and get back to fishing.

  • Stainless steel 5+1 shielded bearings
  • Gear Ratio – 5.0:1
  • Monofilament line capacity 247 meters of 1kg
  • Power Pro Braid Capacity 270 yards of 2lb
  • XGT7 compact body created from Shimano exclusive material
  • Light weight
  • DC die-cast gear
  • Machined aluminum handle
  • Varispeed II
  • AR-C spool with unique lip feature
  • Front drag
  • 3 kg max drag power range
  • 200 grams weight
  • Additional spare spool

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