• Mikado JAWS Steel Leader JERK HDJ04 25cm/24kg 2pcs
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Mikado JAWS Steel Leader JERK HDJ04 25cm/24kg 2pcs

  • Mudel: HDJ04-25-24
  • EAN:  5900637593874
  • Laoseis: 3
  • Kaupluse hind: 1.90€
  • E-poe hind: 1.54€

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A good steel leader is indispensable when you’re hunting for pike. Jaws leaders are made of high-class stainless steel with additional lagging, put on special, nickel-covered rolling swivels and „Mikado” snaps. They will allow you to safely haul even the most aggressive pike. Available in a wide range of lengths and strengths.

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