• Mikado Titanium JAWS Leader ZGJ03 35cm/23kg 2pcs
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Mikado Titanium JAWS Leader ZGJ03 35cm/23kg 2pcs

  • Mudel: ZGJ03-35-23
  • EAN:  5900637594499
  • Laoseis: 15
  • Kaupluse hind: 3.50€
  • E-poe hind: 2.36€

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Titanium is, without a doubt, the number one amongst leader materials. Incredibly resistant and durable but also small in diameter - these are some of the best characteristics of titanium leaders. Combine that with solid swivels and revolutionary „Mikado” snaps and you get the perfect leader. That’s exactly what titanium Jaws leaders are. Available in a wide range of lengths and strengths.

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