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Izumi Fly Roach 88mm/20g #9 Brown Chub (Designed in JAPAN)

  • Mudel: FLYSI08009
  • EAN:  4542870815606
  • Laoseis: 4
  • Kaupluse hind: 10.50€
  • E-poe hind: 8.78€

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Water Fly, a revolutionary new series of baits, will break all stereotypes of classical fishing. Using different striking motions, this underwater glider can be controlled to move toward you or away from you, in a circle or a straight line,

and can get into the most secluded habitats of a predator. Water Fly performs equally well throughout the year – in open water, through the ice, from a boat,

or from the coast – with identical success for jigging. With Water Fly's special underwater flight method, you can work a weed edge without getting too near,

or you can scout the space under a pier. While ice fishing, you can control the bait to circle beyond the usual, hole-accessible jigging to a much greater distance and,

like an underwater detective, search a much broader area for the presence of a predator.

Designed in JAPAN

Assembled in China

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