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WFT NEW 0.39mm 67KG Strong green 250m

-24% WFT NEW 0.39mm 67KG Strong green 250m

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The line of world champions !

One of the strongest braided lines in the world.

For the 2015 season we have significantly improved the KG STRONG.

The now even tighter braid is protected by a new coating for an even better protection against abrasion - a real advantage for deep sea fishing over rocky bottoms, reefs or in areas with many submerged obstacles.

No matter where in the world you fish - you can rely on the WFT KG STRONG. Whether you're Spinfishing, deep sea fishing in Norway, Big Game fishing... you name it, this prooduct will not let yo down!

Jakub Vagner uses WFT KG STRONG on all his worldwide fishing adventures which are featured and broadcasted in higly expensive NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC film productions.

For all these multi-million dollar productions Jakub Vagner relies on WFT KG STRONG and has set several world records using this too!


A Complex Braid - the 51KG STRONG has been braided from 8 filaments and has been around way before others were introduced to this technology. #

Woven braid is the key to producing a truly round profile and when done correctly, creating a high knot strength.

Round braided line is the future because the round profile will cast far, uncoils nicely from the spool and does not cut into the lower layers on your spool.

The round profile will also slow the drift because it has less water restistance.

The WFT KG STRONG is also extremely colourfast. High-quality colour pigments are embedded in a special coating.

This technology reduces colour fade by the factor of 10 and prevents abrasion too.

The WFT KG STRONG is now also available in a multicolour version.

The colour changes enable you to easily estimate how much line is still on the reel or how much line has left the reel.

5 colour changes every 10 meters in all diameters and spool sizes.

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