Talitelk / Winter tent Fish2Fish Cube I 220 x 220 x 235cm 12,0kg White/Yellow

-35% Talitelk / Winter tent Fish2Fish Cube I 220 x 220 x 235cm 12,0kg White/Yellow

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Ühekihiline talitelk Cube I

Single layer winter tent Cube I (220 x 220 x 235cm 12,0 kg, color: white/orange)

Kaasas Jääkruvid jääse kinnitamiseks.

NB! Telk palume jääle kinnitada kaasasolevate nööridega ja nagu pildil näidatud. Telgi nurgas olevad öösid ei pea tugevamale tuulele vastu ja lähevad katki. (Soovitame telgi servale lund kühveldada.)

Winter tent Fish2Fish Cube (composite frame) is made in the shape of a cube. You can now drill holes directly in the set up tent. The dimensions of the Fish2Fish Cube winter tent allow you to drill holes without any inconvenience, being right in it. Unlike classic tents, machine guns or umbrellas, the Fish2Fish Cube winter tent is more wind-resistant. Thanks to its construction, the tent can withstand gusty winds. Easily set by one person in any weather. The tent has 2 vents made using frost-resistant transparent PVC film on a contact tape (completely removable), with an additional closing valve made of fabric. Convenient pocket on the inner wall of the awning. The main color is white with a colored roof and sills. A convenient cover allows you to lay down even a frozen shelter after fishing! Installation instructions: Remove the Fish2Fish Cube winter tent from the cover. In strong winds, first of all, it is necessary to fasten one section to the stretch. Open all sections of the shelter in turn. You need to start from the roof. Each section opens effortlessly (if this does not happen, it is necessary to straighten the section beams) Fasten the shelter to all existing stretch marks on the ice and cover the tarpaulin thresholds with snow. The zipper should close and open without effort. If this cannot be done, then it is necessary to evenly distribute the tension of the knitting. Assembly: Before folding the shelter, it is necessary to untie the stretch marks and free the thresholds from snow and ice. From the outside, press in turn on the middle of each section. Fold the shelter, straighten it and, carefully folding it, put it in the cover. ATTENTION! The tent opens and folds effortlessly. In case of jamming, it is necessary to check and free the frame beams from overlapping fabric or stretch marks. Operating rules: It is not recommended to smoke in the shelter. Do not use open fire inside or in the immediate vicinity of the shelter. Dry the shelter after each fishing trip. It is imperative to secure the tent on the ice with as many stretch marks as possible. When fixing the shelter on ice, distribute the braces symmetrically around the entire perimeter, which will help to avoid skewing and excessive stress on the front door zipper. Do not cover the rapids with wet snow, otherwise the fabric will freeze into the ice. Avoid mechanical damage to the shelter. Wash the awning at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. Keep a clean and dry shelter rolled up, packed in a cover. Equipment: Winter tent Fish2Fish Cube, branded cover.

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